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Uncover, analyse, and develop people potential with psychometric assessments

Personality and Attitude Assessments


The Professional Profile 2 is a personality assessment that analyses with scientific accuracy, a candidate's personality, behaviour and motivations at workplace. It enables to predict person-organization fit and the success in a job role. Professional Profile 2 fulfils the psychometric criteria established by the Standing Committee on Tests and Testing and has been registered with the British Psychological Society.


The Big Five Profile personality test reveals the five dominant traits of an individual’s personality. It is based on the internationally recognized Five Factor Model. Big Five Profile gives a “global personality profile” of the candidate by showcasing their relative strengths on each of the above mentioned five major traits. It is recommend for entry level positions.


The Work Profile is a personality assessment designed especially for entry-level jobs, requiring a lower level of qualifications. It is the only recruitmentbased assessment to reliably measure an individual’s work personality through their workplace, social and emotional traits, as well as the values and aspirations that drive them forward.


ETIX is a ground-breaking assessment designed to evaluate the attitudes of individuals engaging in counterproductive work behaviour. This unique assessment not only just reveals if a person might participate in counterproductive work behaviour, but also if they might enable it in others. The insights from ETIX can empower organisations to protect themselves from risk, build constructive development programmes, and create a positive company culture.

Management and Sales Assessments


CTPI-R is evaluates the managerial potential, behavioural competencies, and leadership skills of an individual; the assessment therefore can be used effectively in recruitment, succession planning, training and development for managerial and leadership roles.


Sales Profile-R identifies the potential, competencies and motivations needed to succeed in a sales role. The questions of the assessment are based on real-life scenarios and evaluates the candidate for the complete sales cycle: understanding needs, prospecting, pitching, closing deals, and customer retention. Sales Profile-R provides a unique Sales Potential Indicator which can be used for a objective and secure decisions-making in the processes of recruitment, internal mobility, and overall audits of sale teams.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment


EMOTION evaluates an individual’s ability to manage their own and other’s emotions at the workplace. It does so by analysing inter- and intrapersonal competencies related to Emotional Intelligence. The assessment can be used well for recruitment in job roles where managing interpersonal relations is crucial for success. Assessing emotional intelligence capabilities also helps with decision-making in areas such as team management, leadership development, and management transition

Occupational Interests Assessment


VOCATION is a career management assessment. It is based on the RIASEC model, measuring interest domains and matching the candidate’s profile with occupations across various sectors. The assessment can be used to optimise the process of career guidance, career management, and career transition as the test provides insight about the candidate's interests and job preferences.

Information Technology Assessments


The 200 IT tests allow an easy and secure assessment of the candidates’ knowledge of various IT technologies, from programming languages, operating systems to databases and other valuable IT skills. The tests enable organisations to save substantial time, effort and money, when recruiting for IT profiles. The IT tests, under 20 categories, and three difficulty levels, are made available in collaboration with People Centric.

Reasoning Assessments


Reasoning Test-R evaluates cognitive abilities linked to the mental processes of reasoning, remembering, understanding, and problem solving. The assessment can be used to enhance the recruitment process by identifying candidates with higher cognitive and analytical skills. It is also useful in the selection process of schools, colleges, and universities. Reasoning Test-R is also available as shorter version Reasoning Test-R20', which is suitable for non-graduate candidates.


Reasoning Spatial assessment measures the spatial reasoning abilities of an individual to offer a reliable estimation of their ability to combine concepts using their projection skills to view and differentiate spatial patterns to draw conclusions and solve problems based on these visualisations. The assessment is recommended for recruitment to positions in the STEM domains in particular, and also for jobs where it is essential to mentally manipulate envision 2D and 3D objects. It can also be used to detect spatial skills during the admissions in universities and business schools.

Language Proficiency Assessments


The Business English Test assess an individual's ability to understand and communicate in the English language, specifically in a business environment. The test evaluates the candidate knowledge on three main levels areas: reading comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar. This assessment can be used to evaluate candidates for job roles that demand high a good level of proficiency of the written English language. The test can also identifying the need for improvement in English language skills, which can then help to design training programmes.


The French Language Test assesses an individual's ability to read and write in the French language, whether they are native or non-native French speakers/learners. The test measures the candidate’s knowledge in three main areas: spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. It is available in both beginner and intermediate level, and can be used for recruitment, training, and for conducting language coaching programmes.


The German Language Test objectively assess the ability to understand and communicate in the German language, specifically in business situations. It evaluates a candidate knowledge in three main aspects: reading comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar. The test can be used to evaluate for recruitment in job roles which require a good level of proficiency of the German language.

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