Ajyal HR Solutions & Services LLC

Tailoring the recruitment process for your business

Recruitment can be a challenging process for any company, but at Ajyal, our talent sourcing team are well experienced in acquiring the right candidates, irrespective of industry or available number of vacancies. We believe that no business should be short-staffed, regardless of size or requirements.

You can trust us to produce large scale recruitment solutions for many corporations’ job openings and also tailor the optimal recruitment process for your business. Through competency-based interviews, CV assistance for candidates and career choice evaluation, our goal is to secure a great fit and successful hire for each client, whether they’re a new graduate or an executive; aligning an organisation’s business goals with the needs of candidates to attract and retain quality employees is what we do.

To meet the specific demands of clients, our network is carefully nurtured towards talented candidates from schools, mid-career professionals, and senior leadership positions. We pride ourselves in having an extensive database of multinationals and locals alike.

We use several different methods to help you with outsourcing your recruitment efforts.


Providing a fast, personal, and attentive executive search.

We focus on the exceptional service with confidentiality. Our Executive Search process offers a seamless approach to provide successful senior-level appointments through:

  • Thorough candidate briefings that include job specification and capability profile.
  • Assignment industry research, for targeted sourcing and candidate evaluation.
  • Candidate reports that include long/short listing, and client interview(s).

We also offer professional competency talent assessment services to support your decision.


Time spent on hiring is time well spent

Finding the right candidate for a position is a job in itself. Allow us to search for you based on all your criteria, candidate assessments, interviews and more to be sure you’re getting the best fit.


Supportive Human Resources HR services for your recruitment needs

If you’re looking for supportive HR Services to help with your current recruitment, we’re here for you. Allow us to advertise, screen, interview and shortlist the best candidates for your business.